Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6
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  Shisan: Autumn Communion      
  autumn communion--
another visit paid to
Shigeto Kobayashi  
  bush clover petals
spill into the old pond
Eiko Yachimoto  
  a housewife's busy mind
she has just taken up
oil painting
Kikuyo Sugiura  
  on the rope way
heading for the Lake's End
Junko Nagashima
  the thin winter moon
sees the love scene
remaking of a film
Midori Suzuki  
  the sound of birdsong
over morning coffee
  the ring removed
with determination
ah, the mark of it
  holding a kitten
a convalescent girl
  woven mat of full blossoms
the azure of the sky
  munching norimaki
an accompaniment to sake
  how many more hits
before the new record
Ichiro, the Major Leaguer
  against cumuli
the church spire shines

Composed on the occasion of the fourth Global Renku Memorial
23rd of September 2004
led by Shigeto Kobayashi

  norikami: rolled sushi wrapped by black nori sheet, the processed seaweed

Lumber Yards at Fukagawa, Ando Hiroshige