Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6
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  Shisan: Autumn Equinox      
  autumn equinox ...
a figure at the window
of an empty house
David Burleigh  
  new neighbors content
swallowing soba from him
Hirofumi Hatsuzawa  
  fife and drum
passing along
the shopping arcade
Tateshi Tsukamoto
  my daughter wanting to ask
how we fell in love
Hiroshi Tamura
  hands move together
over the clock face
by the winter moon
  a tengu somersaults in Mt. Takao
May peace prevail!
  on an aged tree
blossoms once more appear,
the tree doctor
  birds vanish into the cloud
leaving a blue emptiness
  setting up mergers
establishing new teams
baseball chaos
  for the grilled eel
such a tipsy waiting period
  suddenly awake
in an unfamiliar room
dreaming of you
  over the stone temple steps
a cat's long stretch

Composed on the occasion of the fourth Global Renku Memorial
23rd of September 2004
led by Hiroshi Tamura


tengu: a mischievous goblin with a long nose
soba: the sharing of this dish of noodles symbolizes enduring friendship


Kiyomizu Temple, Ando Hiroshige