Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6
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  Shisan: This Persimmon Fall      
  Sekiguchi hut--
I encounter Basho
in this persimmon fall
Shinku Fukuda  
  around the pond
dragonflies hover
Kris Kondo  
soprano voices
of children's songs
Sumiko Sudo  
  with hands alone
a bowl shaped so fine
Yoshiko Ehara
  the cold moon
their heated discussion
goes on as day breaks
Yoshiko Uchiyama  
  years have passed
waiting for the letter
  how I blushed
being hugged so under
the peak blossoms
Yoshiko U  
  golden anniversary
in misty Venice
  bypass surgery
Japan trip
  after the news on the TV
sake tastes bitter
Yoshiko E  
  placed at the cross roads
a Jizo wearing
red bibs
  inviting cormorant fires
as evening shadows deepen

Composed on the occasion of the fourth Global Renku Memorial
23rd of September 2004
led by Professor Shinku Fukuda

  Jizo: a statue of the deity, protector of children and travelers
Sekiguchi hut: Basho's hermitage at Sekiguchi, Tokyo

Basho's Hut on Camellia Hill, Ando Hiroshige