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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1

Haibun ~ Gillena Cox

Hurricane Ivan

Logos II, having docked into Port of Spain on August 27th to remain until October 4th, my daughter and I plan to go to the book fair on board. The phone rings, I answer; Yanda tells me we shouldn't go to the book fair as planned since we (Trinidad and Tobago) are under hurricane warning; we cancel and agree to go some other evening.

hurricane warning
in the uncanny stillness
a hazy sunset

It's Tuesday (7th Sept 2004) morning, the radio and TV announcers are telling the public to stay at home. Banks, churches, schools, businesses, all institutions are closed. The official agency for disaster preparedness and management (NEMA) has advised a shut down, except for essential and emergency services.

hurricane warning
the stray cats
have gone away

The media's roving camera, and fearless reporters, update us on the hurricane's performance. Ivan's strength has grown from 35 kph to 178 kph. He is a Category 3 Hurricane.

hurricane warning
the homeless man asks
for a cigarette
Heavenly Father be kind to us
today in Jesus name i pray.

The television call-ins keep us abreast of the goings on in various parts
of the country as well as in other countries in Ivan's path--in the Caribbean.

hurricane warning
shut in
the whirrrrr of trees

The waves at Toco lift to a height of 5ft. Ivan--not to be outdone--lifts the waves to a height of 20 ft.

hurricane warning
my son must
stay indoors today

Around 2: 00 pm, Ivan, having lifted roofs in Tobago (our sister isle) and Barbados, is battering Grenada. Our status, however, in T&T, has been downgraded to Tropical Storm Watch. Maybe schools will open tomorrow and the public can go back to work

satellite image
the eye of the storm
has passed us

Daybreak, Wednesday, 8th Sept 2004; Gusty winds and the rainstorm open the day.

stormy weather
the street sweeper's broom
at dawn

It is confirmed and made official: Schools in Trinidad will open, schools in Tobago will stay closed. Grenada is still under attack. I muse and pray--Lord be merciful to those under the wrath of Ivan 2004

In between the sound of rain
the radio announcer's voice

Gillena Cox was born in 1950. She married Anthony Cox in 1971. They live on the Island of Trinidad, in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. They have a daughter, Yanda, and a son, Khama.
Gillena retired in 2003; she now works part-time.

Writing poetry is her favorite hobby. She also likes taking nature photos, and she enjoys quiet time crocheting and listening to music, and truly enjoys a challenging game of Scrabble.

Her poetry site is PatchWork


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