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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1

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White Pine

"White Pine" ~ Woodblock print by Maria Arango
(from series #15 at Baren Forum)

The call of birds
mingles with the rustling pines
in the autumn breeze–
your voice stirs everywhere
as dusk spreads its long shadow.
—Paul Cooper

(verse from Mountain-Home Modern Waka)

Maria ArangoMaria Hortensia Arango, born in Havana, Cuba, in 1959, was raised in Barcelona, Spain until 1974. She earned BS and MS degrees in Psychology and Exercise Physiology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before taking a variety of fine and graphic art classes. Printmaking changed her life forever. After a few years of honing her skills and amassing a body of work, primarily in woodcut prints, she is now a full-time artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has exhibited and placed in many galleries and shows. Her work is part of permanent collections including the University of Oregon, Spencer Museum in Kansas and the Princeton Graphic Arts Collection. A personal goal to complete 1,000 woodcuts is progressing heartily. Art Festivals throughout the West continue to be Maria's favorite venue for meeting her fast growing audience of collectors.

Dedicated to making woodcut and wood engraving prints, in one of the latest series of woodcut prints she tries to let the wood, ink, and paper speak their own voice and add their own imprint to the resulting work to emphasize the process. The process of printmaking fascinates her; she wants to show the scars of the process: the embossed paper, chunky inks, chisel marks, block dents. Her hope is to always reward the viewer and to capture the attention, if only for a moment, of the artist that lies within all.

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