Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1

Woodblock Prints Gallery

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Beach Parade

"Beach Parade" ~ Woodblock print by Jan Telfer

(from series #15 at Baren Forum)

Black clouds
Roll above the desert shrubs,
A summer storm–
The air smells like rosemary
Steeped in chaparral and dust.
—Sunny Larson

(verse from Mountain-Home Modern Waka)

Jan TelferJan Telfer resides in Perth, Western Australia. An Occupational Therapist, she and her husband are almost retired. They have three independent and professional children, an engineer, a doctor, and a lawyer.

Perth was quite artistically isolated until access to the internet and its supportive services enabled us to interact more efficiently with our compatriots worldwide. Jan is a member of Baren Woodblock Printmakers, Print Australia, Gocco Printers, and regularly participates in their print exchanges.

Jan specializes in woodblock printing using both Japanese hanga and European oil base printing methods. She has always enjoyed carving wood. In primary school, she lived in the country in New South Wales and her catapults always had carved handles! Jan enjoys the process: the designing, the meticulous carving, and the quiet atmosphere in her back shed where she works. Her subject matter is largely based on subjects for the exchanges, but uses a lot of Australian pictorial content. Taught to carve by Hiroshi Tomihari from Oyama, Japan where she has also been privileged to have several exhibitions.

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