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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1


Haiku ~ Coló Buchanan


fishing with pebbles  
by a mountain pool  
spirits lost rough grasses -
  a long shadow
  leads me home
in passion  
aurora plays  
the night sky the chat of nightbirds -
  all I own
  on my back
quiet lake  
gulls sweeping  

Coló Buchanan was born in Northern Ireland in 1973. He has been a writer of fiction for most of his life, a vocation he refers to — half-jokingly —as both a blessing and affliction. He has been a student of Eastern philosophy for some years, particularly Zen, Taoism and the Sufi faith. He practices zazen on a daily basis and solitary hiking retreats for longer spells of meditation. (His favoured space for these is the small mountain range of Mourne, best known as the inspiration behind C.S. Lewis’ land of Narnia).

Coló was inspired to write in the Japanese short-form during a stay at a Soto Zen Monastery, where he first came across a book on the tanka of Ryokan. From penning tanka, he naturally turned to the penning of haiku. He looks forward to creating many more haiku in the years to come and gaining a greater depth and skill with the form.

In the meanwhile, he continues to experience the moment.

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