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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1


Haiku ~ Israel L. Balan


after today's fire,  
the stars  
smell of ash cats in heat---
  at dawn,
  the smell of flowers
by the window,  
behind the sparrows,  
a sheet of rain urban storm---
  thunder outside
  light flashes inside
rain descends  
leaving its tracks  
at each step  

Israel L. Balan was born in Mexico City in the mid 70s, where he grew up among cars, so many people, and the moon through his window.

He is a member of El Rincón del Haiku, a haiku-web in Spanish, where he has recently published a pair of photo-haiku: Tadao Ando, Refugios de haiku (The Purpose of the Work of the Master Japanese Architect) and Pasos en el asfalto (Footsteps on the Asphalt), where he is exploring the urban haiku "hidden" on the rough surface of Mexico City

In addition, he is founder of ASFALTO MOJADO. Taller de Haiku Urbano (WET ASPHALT. Urban Haiku Workshop) a group online in Spanish, that experiments with haiku within the cities.

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