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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1


Haiku ~ Kimiyo Tanaka


early evening moon --  
swallows frantically sliding under the starlight
and soaring fragrance of orange flowers
  floats with my shadow
pale lavender  
under the chandelier embracing
scentless roses its own shadow
  a water strider
sunlight glows  
on the heart of the blossom  
white Japanese apricot  

Kimiyo Tanaka has taught Japanese at the Foreign Student Center of Ehime University in Matsuyama for more than 10 years and also works as a translator.

She enjoys writing haiku in English as well as in Japanese. She is a member of the group that created and maintains the well-known internet haiku projects "Shiki Internet Haiku Salon" and "Shiki Haikusphere". She is also a translator for the Shiki International Haiku Prize Selection Committee.

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