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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1


Haiku ~ Pris Campbell

IV drip  
throughout the night  
gentle rain dinnertime-
  the antique kettle sings
  to fleeing moths
just the cock's  
yellow beak crowing-  
barely dawn purple ocean
  waves roar quietly
  towards sunset
leaves fly  
trees bare their limbs  
for long fingered clouds  

Pris Campbell began writing poetry in the fall of 1999, and has been published (or has poems pending publication) in Limestone Circle, Blackmail Press,Verse Libre, The Dakota House, Erosha, Muse's Kiss, Peshekee River Poets, Short Stuff, MiPo Weekly and Digital, Lotus Blooms, The Dead Mule, Women of the Web Anthology, Best of MiPo Print, among other print and e-zine publications, and has placed in a number of poetry contests.

Previously a Clinical Psychologist and sailor/traveler, illness has forced her to temporarily park her vagabond shoes. She makes her home in the greater West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

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