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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1


Haiku ~ Zeljko Funda


Departure hall.  
Both saying goodbye and  
looking at the board. One into the puddle,
  one into the litter basket -
  leaves falling.
Snow puddle -  
not big enough  
for all the sparrows. Sea -
  neither the same blue
  nor the same splash.
Road and railroad  
running together  
into the dark.  

Zeljko Funda was born in Varazdin, Croatia in 1950. He lives in Varazdin and works in Varazdin's Gymnasium where he teaches English and publishes a magazine, D GIMNAZIJA TAJMZ.

In 1988 he published a book of novels, Varazdinske price (The Varazdin Novels) and two books of poetry in Kajkavian dialect (1991 and 1997).

He has been represented in collections and anthologies of Kajkavian poetry and has been published in both domestic and international collections and anthologies of haiku poetry and has received many awards and commendations.

Further information and more of Funda's haiku can be found on his WHA site at .

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