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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1

  Senryu ~ #1,   Al Pizzarelli    [ bio ] [ email ]

down south –
waitress with a bee-hive
calls me “honey”

      —Stanford M. Forrester

selling worms
at a roadside shop –
the master baiter

      —Robert Wilson

the body builder
parades the undersized trout:
his wife's knowing smile

      —Mike Dillon

Amish girl
hangs out her underclothes
inside the bed sheets

      —Patricia Neubauer

school photo
the frown my sister
grew into

      —Roberta Beary

An unexpected guest.
Grandpa wipes his dusty hands
on his breeches.

      —Sasa Vazic

Tired of the stories –
someone else
getting to know me
      —John Stevenson

sure you can sleep here
she says
pointing to the couch

      —Mykel Board

passing the beggar –
my pockets start
to jingle

      —Barry George

promotion pending
I light my boss's

      —Stephen Toft

taking off my shoes
after a long workday –
thinking of my father

      —Cor van den Heuvel

My mother-in-law –
again she refers to me
as SHE.

      —Alexis Rotella

now that I’m over
my bad mood,
she’s in one

      —Tom Clausen

debating divorce...
the pickle jar
resists all her efforts

      —Chad Robinson

my daughter searches
for a lost doll

      —LeRoy Gorman

red light district –
spray painted "wo" on the
"men at work" sign

      —Jörgen Johansson

confessional . . .
relieved to find the priest
speaks only French

      —Ernest Berry

with each year
the old bent priest
grows closer to the children

      —L. A. Dona

opening the front door
i discover my blind date
really is

      —Brenda J Gannam

sucking seeds
from pomegranates
our faces like fish

—Michael McClintock

remote control –
I absentmindedly try
to mute my wife

      —Carlos Colon

“Petunias! I found petunias!”
Shouts Aunt Sophie,
then fractures her tibia.

      —Alan Pizzarelli

fainting at the sound
of the f-word ...
she misses the sunset

      —Carol Raisfeld

the great clown
sweeps & sweeps the spotlight
into nothing

      —Anita Virgil



CREDITS - previously published work:

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Copyright 2005: Simply Haiku