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Contents: Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson [bio] [ email]

Editor's Introduction

Patricia Benedict

Liz Chen Frech

Casey Huff

Craig McLanachan

Sue Mill

Ron Moss

Vishnu Narayanan

Marian Olson

Patricia Prime

David Rudd-Mitchell

Larry Rungren

Carla Sari

John Sexton

Richard Stevenson

Marie Summers

Patrick Sweeney

Dietmar Tauchner

Esther Theiler

JoSelle Vanderhooft

Sonny Villafania

Ella W. Wagemakers

Udo Wenzel

Tad Wojnicki

Jadran Zalokar

Tracks in the Sand
Columnist ~ George Swede [bio] [email]

Tracks in the Sand

Haiku in Context
Columnist ~ Robin D. Gill  [bio] [email]
Haiku in Context

Editor ~ Michael McClintock [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Aurora Antonovic
Carlos Colón
Angela Leuck
Joanne Morcom
Patricia Prime
Kala Ramesh
John Sexton
John Stevenson
Kawano Yuko

Editor ~ Al Pizzarelli  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Mykel Board, Featured Poet

Editor ~ Paul Conneally [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Jerry Dreesen - Beginnings, Endings & Things in the Middle

Lynn Edge - Different Perspectives

Ed Markowski - on a cold day in oslo

Don Miller - I.V.

Patricia Prime - Failure in Communication

Esther Theiler - Man and Wheelbarrow

Anita Virgil - Cornbread & Coffee

Renku: Collaborative Linked Verse
Editor ~ John Carley  [bio] [email]
Introduction to Renku
Editor's Notes for the Summer Issue
Feathered Frost:
  One-line Renku - Ron Moss & Sheila Windsor
  Interview - Ron Moss & Sheila Windsor
Camellia House - Hyakuin:
  Camellia House - Paul Conneally, Anne-Marie Culhane, Alec Finlay, Linda France, Morven Gregor, Jackie Hardy, Alex Hodby, Gerry Loose & Beth Rowson
  Notes: The 24 hour Hyakuin Renga - Alec Finlay
  Hyakuin: 100 verse summer renga schema - Jane Reichhold
Grace Notes:
  Yoyoshi - Hortensia Anderson, Kirsty Karkow, & Eiko Yachimoto
  Tomegaki - Eiko Yachimoto
The Triparshva:
An Introduction - Norman Darlington & John Carley
Schema and Notes - Norman Darlington
Haiga: Modern Art with Haiku 
Editor ~ Jerry Dreesen [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Pris Campbell: Photo-Haiku
Gillena Cox: Hosay ~ Photo-Renga

John Grossman: Digital Haiga

Maxner-Dreesen: Haiku & Watercolor Painting
Linda Papanicolaou: Petroglyphs
Kuniharu Shimizu: Digital Haiga
Jim Swift: Photo-Haiku

Haiga: Traditional Art with Haiku   
Editor ~ Bette Wappner  [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Gabi Greve - Daruma

Olga Hooper (Origa) - Haiga Ceramics

Charles & Mary Rodning - Origami Haiga Book

Features: Interviews & Essays
About the Features Section
Sam Hamill:
  Interview by Robert Wilson
Tom Clausen:
  From Conflict to Poetry
Catherine Mair:
  Haiku Pathway: An interview by Robert Wilson
Inahata Teiko:
  The World of Kyoshi
Sasa Vazic:
  Interview by Robert Wilson
Anita Virgil:

Helga Härle:
  Winter Transformations: Swedish Haiku
Eugene Wasserstrom:
  Russian Haiku



Andrew Riutta:
  Interview by Robert Wilson

About the Reviews Section
Richard Gilbert:
  Noon: Journal of the Short Poem
Robert Wilson:
  A Halo Round the Moon, by Ikuyo Yoshimura
  Fly Ku, by Robin D. Gill

About the Reprints Section
Modern Senryu, by Al Pizzarelli
Poetry as Open Space, by Hiroo Saga

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Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld [bio] [email]
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