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Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


Ian Marshall


Leaky faucet
all night long
the sound of water
Commercial break
my son calls me outside
to see the new moon
Years later
her notes in the margin
A Tale of Two Cities

Running up the sand
the surf|
running up the sand
Gathering our footprints
the wave returns
to the sea

Ian Marshall is a professor of English and co-coordinator of the Environmental Studies program at Penn State Altoona. He is a past-president of the Association for the Study of Literature and
Environment (ASLE) and the author of Story Line: Exploring the Literature of the Appalachian Trail (1998) and Peak Experiences: Walking Meditations on Literature, Nature, and Need (2003). His poems have been published in such journals as Terra Nova, Environment & Organization, Spirit, and Acorn.

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