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Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


Marina Hagen


narrow street---
a passerby's shadow falls
under the car
checkered floor---
a cat moves
from white to black
empty pockets---
I give my shadow
to the beggar
winter's coming
the water
stiffens up
family reunion
an old man lingers
among the graves

Marina Hagen, a Software Engineer, lives in Moscow, Russia. Her haiku have been included in Russian haiku Almanacs: Triton (2000-03), Haikumena (2003 - 04); the anthology Non-capital Literature (2001). She has also published a haiku collection, Shades of Reflections (2001).

In 1998, she won The First Russian Haiku Contest, organized by the Japanese Embassy in Moscow.

Marina also writes haibun, verse libre, and short prose.


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