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Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


Petar Tchouhov


summer night---
stars and coins
in the wishing well
  december night---
how long are the hands
of the grandfather clock?
removing the globe
from the shelf, how much dust
on my fatherland?
  midnight moon---
the night watch on the wall
almost original
at the garden party---
the garden gnomes!

Born in 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Petar Tchouhov holds a BA in Library Science and an MA in Social Sciences, and is currently working for the Bulgarian National Library. He has published six books of verse, including Pedroís Mule (1999), Provinces (2000), and Small Days (2002). Tchouhov has been published in Bulgarian and international collections of verse and has won poetry awards and the Agatha prize for the best detective story. He is the winner of the 2004 text-message poetry contest, as well as the recipient of the best manuscript Development Group special award for his novel Snowmen (2003).

He has played guitar and written music and lyrics for various rock bands. Tchouhov is a member of the Association of Bulgarian Writers and the Bulgarian Haiku Club.

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