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Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


Stephen Davies


a circle of blood
where knee touches net
african sunrise
  early harvest
a swarm of locusts
leaves town
shimmering heat---
grinning goats approach
a dry watering hole
  african morning---
vultures gather on
a village roof
frightened children
daring each other to touch
the rain spider

Stephen Davies is from York, England, but works among Fulani herders in Burkina Faso.

He has written travel features for the Sunday Times and the Guardian
, and in 2003 he was named Africa Geographic’s Travel Writer of
the Year.

To relax, he plays classical guitar and writes haiku, but not at the
same time.

Stephen Davies’ first children’s fiction book, Sophie and the Albino
(ages 7+), is due to be published in February 2006 by Andersen


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