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Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


Terry Busch


the moon's reflection
dances out on Skagit Bay---
movement in stillness
  in black and white
a gallery for the starving
we walk thru quickly
a daffodil
in my shadowed garden---
your smile in my life
snowflakes whisper
to the lilac
waking to moonlight
I tend a sagebrush fire
waiting on coffee

Terry Busch began writing poetry in the early 70s. His toddler and infant daughters were his muse. His style, he says, was informed by Basho and Brautigan.

"I expanded my horizons in a little note book titled 'Oakland Zen.' It would be the first of eight notebooks over the years that I would enter poetry, drawings and quotes in."

In the late 70s he moved with his family to Jamestown, California. As it turned out Tuolumne County was becoming a community of writers, artists, photographers, actors and musicians. This crucible encouraged him to write often and create with painting and sculpture. With several other writers he founded the Mindprint Review, a literary quarterly that lasted five years. He contributed poetry, prose and drawings to it.

During that same period he published a chapbook entitled Traces; was accepted by other magazines, including The Archer and Magic Blend; was an editor for The Shadows of Light, an anthology of poetry and photography of the entire Motherlode and Sierra, published by Jelm Mt. Press.

In 1989 he moved to Marin County and continued writing. He remarried in 1994 in a ceremony with a circle of family and friends in the redwoods.

"Shirlee and I became avid hikers and campers. We took this to the next level by becoming fulltime RVers. We have been working in campgrounds and resorts from Washington to Wisconsin and back over the last five years. We currently live near La Conner, Washington."

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