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Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


Solo Junicho: This Flaming June


my headache tries
to tell me it is night,
this flaming June

summer - kigo: June

a pint or two for drowning
next door’s kittens

summer/no season - kigo: none, but seasonality may be inferred by traditional proximity to the hokku (first verse)

Dylan Thomas
waxes lyrical,
oh drunken moon

autumn, moon - kigo: moon, in the absence of a seasonal modifier 'moon' is always considered to be autumn

his pumpkin grin
from Ponty to Pwllheli

autumn - kigo: pumpkin
Euro summit
recognises Urdu -
it’s official!

sub-atomic life form
seeks Lineus

of all the bars
in all the blah-blah blah
blah blah-blah blah

come ice, come snow, come hail
their body heat

winter, love - kigo: ice/snow/hail
powdered concrete
forms a mound
round Cleopatra’s Needle

a trumpet solo
flavouring his chips

blackthorn petals
twine the morning
sloe sloe quick quick sloe
spring - kigo: blackthorn petals

three little girls
with ringlets in their hair

spring/no season - kigo: none, but seasonality may be inferred by notions of childhood/maidenhood

Ponty, Pwllheli: two small towns, in south and north Wales respectively

Urdu: a language spoken by many British people of Asian extraction

John Carley
Rossendale, England
June 2005


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