Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Thank you
Andrew Riutta


For my birthday I only wanted rhubarb pie;
and to be able to listen to Prairie Home Companion.
That's all . . . Or maybe all I wanted was to be shipwrecked
with you and our daughter on our broken love seat.
"Hey, let's rent a movie!"
Not new socks.
And certainly not a trip to Manhattan.
But I guess what I want has never really mattered.
So here I am, in a subway,
on my way to your dreams.
The smell is horrible.
Everyone who isn't looking down at the floor,
is staring at me. Of course,
you are thoroughly excited at the prospect
of handing me over to the whims
of every culture on this god-forsaken planet,
and then nonchalantly photographing it.


strewn pigeons--
the street sweeper
makes his rounds