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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Liberty Port; Brest, France
Jason Sanford Brown


At the counter a woman stands, impatiently waiting for us to order, so she can order and be on her way. I wave her ahead. She quickly places her order and looks at me, "Parlez-vous franšais?" "En peu." I reply. "┴ peu." she responds and leaves.

We purchase the four bottles of red wine, one each, and the two baguettes to share and make our way to the park. We find a bench overlooking the port from which German U-boats once sailed against our grandfathers and countrymen, those submariners of WWII.

We ceremoniously push the corks into the bottles and break bread, while French children play on the park's playground.


a break in the drizzle
road signs all marked in


Jason Sanford Brown is editor of Roadrunner Haiku Journal and member of The Skipping Stones Haiku Group. His haiku and related genres have been published in most of the usual places.

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