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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Woodford Square
gillena cox


Woodford Square, downtown Port of Spain, is a hub of plant life, people, and pigeons. The Poui - both golden and pink. The Famboyant, and many more interesting and colourful species liven up the city with their timely bursts of inflorescence. Pigeons coo and preen around the fountain; at the flea markets one can buy from used school books to Christmas gifts and decorations, and common folk can satisfy their political urges, soap box style, like the renowned Hyde Park.

Woodford Square is fondly called "The University of Woodford Square", as the politician Dr. Eric Eustace Williams, in his political campaigns during the 1950s, used the square as his public forum. Dr. Williams (1911-1981) became the first Premier and later the first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

Woodford Square, formerly Brunswick Square, was name changed after World War I to honour Trinidad's longest serving colonial governor - Sir Ralph Woodford.


a red leaf
falls at my feet
i continue walking


gillena cox Gillena Cox lives in St James, Trinidad and Tobago. She was born in 1950, and she married Anthony Cox in 1971. They have a daughter, Yanda and a son, Khama. She is a retiree who writes for the sheer joy of crafting her thoughts into the poetic form. Haiku and its related forms present for her a challenge of abstraction. Her most recently published haiku appeared at Tinywords dot com on 25th October, as Haiku of The Day.