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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


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Editor's Note: I'm pleased to have the opportunity to showcase Kazumi's traditional haiga in this issue. Her exquisite sumi-e style drawings and brush calligraphy exemplifies ,at the highest level of artistry and poetry, the Asian tradition of haiga from which modern haiga in all its forms evolved. An interview with Kazumi' Cranney by Robert Wilson can also be found in this issue of Simply Haiku.   ~jd


Kazumi Cranney ~



Kazumi Cranney Kazumi Cranney was born in Japan, but moved to Berkeley, California thirty years ago. Since that time, she has been working in watercolor and other media. Her paintings have been displayed at various locales in the Bay Area, including the Japan Cultural Community Center and Gallery Voyage in San Francisco, the San Ramon Community Center, the Berkeley Art Center and the Berkeley Civic Center.

Kazumi's poems have been published in Peace Poetry, Heiwa, University of Hawaii Press; A Collection of Japanese Poems, Sanda International Poetry Committee, Japan, and Poems from Mainichi Haiku Contest, Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd., Japan. Recently, one of her haiku was selected by the Japanese Overseas Newspaper and Broadcasting Association for its first annual poetry competition. It was published in a collection, Poetry From Overseas Japanese.


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