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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


David Giacalone


Adirondack chair
with snow
Spring arrives --
melting on the dashboard
first scull of the year
my arms ache
just waving
cherry tomatoes
on toothpicks -- a vapor trail
spears the midday moon
her chocolate breath
mingles with mine --
easter sunset

David Giacalone is a former lawyer and mediator, living in Schenectady, NY. At his weblog, f/k/a, he is a "haiku advocate and missionary" -- mixing haiku by established writers (and himself) with punditry aimed at an audience composed primarily of lawyers. David's haiku have appeared in The Heron's Nest, Frogpond [Spring-Summer 2005], and Mainichi Daily News, and were anthologized in the Legal Studies Forum (XXIX:1, 2005).

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