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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Gloria B. Yates


outside the fire station
  a pigeon
waits his turn to drink
from the drainpipe
river bank:
a cormorant
hangs itself out to dry
  late at night---
outside, the moon
still waits

Poet, writer and editor, ex-teacher, ex-farmer, Gloria B. Yates has been published internationally in newspapers and literary journals. She has a wide presence on the Web and also does performance poetry. She founded Micropress OZ nine years ago. Gloria was slum-born in the UK, grew up under a benevolent Labour government during the Second World War, and was educated at Oxford and Edinburgh, thanks to scholarships. The story of her childhood, "A Daughter of Leeds", was published in the UK as part of the social history of Yorkshire. Getting There, her first collection of poems, came out in New Zealand at Easter in 1998 and was followed by The Illawarra Flame Tree, a collection of short stories.

She once bred red cows just for the colour, because she wanted red cows on the green hills.