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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Keith Heiberg


this moon
and this peony
view each other
  standing on a bridge
the gulls and I
face into the cool breeze
no balloon
to give my niece--
just a string for the moon
  a thump on the screen--
bumblebee's shadow
upside down
viewing the lake's moon
  the blinds sway with an earthquake
this cool morning
flushed from laughing
azalea over her ear
  bus station in winter:
one last wave
to the mist

Keith Heiberg Keith Heiberg lives in Brighton, Massachusetts. Originally from Minnesota, he was a high school Drama Club techie and still has his "Tech Man" cape. He's also an Eagle Scout, and spent summers canoeing, backpacking and climbing with his Explorer Scout Post.

His BA from St. Olaf College, titled "The Artistic and Analytic Uses of the English Language," is a combination of creative writing (poetry), criticism and linguistics. Eventually he found that he has an aptitude for computers, and in 2000 moved to Boston to take a job as a Senior Web Developer with a

Keith has published poetry, journalism and photography. He is a member of the Boston Haiku Society and the Webmaster for Simply Haiku.

His personal web site can be found at