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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Rositza Pironska


in the cup
of this cap
I put fireflies

       в чашката
       на тази шапка
       сипвам светулки

tremble lightly on the
stork's back

     * ситен дъжд вали
       леко потръпват гърбовете
       на щъркелите

      a translucent
snail shell under autumn leaves
full moon

под есенните листа
       прозрачна черупка на охлюв

  autumn quiet---
I smoke
to warm up

       тиха есен
       за да се стопля

by the seashore,
a dimunitive sun

      морски бряг
      препича слънцето
      толкова е малко всичко


Rositza Pironska Rositza Pironska was born in Gradeshnitza, Bulgaria, in 1969. She lives in her native village, writes fiction and has had two books of poetry published: Begonia, 2000; and Rye, 2002. She is editor of Krug (Circle) Review, Sofia.

*this haiku won First Prize at the National Contest about SMS-poetry, 2004