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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Hortensia Anderson — Poems

summer sky --
shadows of sheep float
across the lawn


lingering heat --
the cat stretches further
into the shade


zen pool --
curves of sand ripple
beneath still water


purple wind --
            the garden astir
     with asters


winter wind --
the moon on the lake
effaced by clouds


Previously Published:

autumn coolness --
the last of the jasmine
tarries by the well


light Spring rain --
one cloud makes room
for another

Mainichi Daily News


a day at the beach --
all of the sunglasses
fill with clouds

(Mainichi contest - Honorable Mention - 7th Contest)

Hortensia Anderson lives precariously on dialysis in the East Village in New York City with her
Bengal leopard cat, Camellia.

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