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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Nijuin: Earnest Desires

Composed on the occasion of the 5th Global Renku Memorial. Led by Tateshi Tsukamoto


earnest desires
astringent persimmons
begin to ripen

Shinku Fukuda  

the bright full moon
beams down on Tosei’s hut

Kinuta Oba  

as the exhibition nears
a last touch
on the huge canvas

Shigeto Kobayashi  

confectionary from home
its taste so subtle

Kikuyo Sugiura  
* * * * * * * *

I adopt a cat
on the anniversary
of my dear dog’s death

Sumiko Sudo  

calling Catherine
I embrace her every night

Shizuka Yamamoto  

politics and man
that’s what he discusses,
she is drawn to him

Yoshiko Ehara  

on the river in flood
an election poster

David Barleigh  

at the camp site
the rustling of silver birch
soft and clear

Sosui Yuasa  

kids squeal at ghost stories
on the sleeper train

Kris Kondo  
* * * * * * * *

eeZee push cell phone
fighting–spirit-prize for
seniors’ club

Yoshiko Uchiyama  

filling the gold sake cup
with the best import ever

Tateshi Tsukamoto  

in flawless English
she talks non stop about
Ozu films

Eiko Yachimoto  

the old books sold
how spacious is the room


comes face to face with the moon
in my dream


underneath the eaves
jeans frozen into shape

* * * * * * * *

Self Defense Forces
Aegis destroyers are
heading south


this morning a swallow
comes along with the postman


onto the cheek
of a sleeping infant
a single petal


gazing at the mountains
on a long dependable day


Composed on the 23rd September 2005
The Sekiguchi Basho-an, Tokyo.

Tosei: one of Basho's early pen names

Translations: consensual. Transcription and co-ordination: Eiko Yachimoto   


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