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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli

Love &  Marriage

sunday service
i petition the lord
to have her look my way

         Ed Markowski


a man serenading
the wrong window

         Jörgen Johansson


first date
her father's handshake

         David Bacharach


new girlfriend's visit—
on my kitchen counter
a can of roach spray

         Mykel Board


drive-in movie
opening our eyes
during the love scene

         Ed Markowski


first sweetheart kiss …
both of us embarrassed
by my erection

         Old Ed Folk


french kiss—
laughing at the taste
of onion soup

         Carol Raisfeld


Tastier my tea
with her one sip—
I keep the cup

         R.K. Singh


wedding rehearsal—
she models her new
cup size

         Roberta Beary


wedding day—
the usher asks, bride's side
or bride's side?

         Carol Raisfeld


not sinking in
until I hear her say
"mother of the bride"

         Karen Sohne


No one tries
to catch it—
bridal bouquet.

         Alexis Rotella


ceremony over—
the bride unveils
her tattoo

         Roberta Beary


second honeymoon
our newlywed daughter
calls to check on us

         Ed Markowski


second wedding
her daughter
wears white

         Karen Sohne


wedding night
she surrenders
her green card

         Roberta Beary


high noon—
the fish vendor's wife buys him
a bottle of cologne

         Robert Wilson


hen-pecked by his wife
he slowly peels & salts
a hard boiled egg

         Henny Orpington


at dinner the husband drones on...
the wife feeds off

         Anita Virgil


"drive in movie" from bottle rockets issue # 8, copyright © 2002 by Ed Markowski: by permission of the author.

"not sinking in", from for, with & to a red iron sheet, with Marshall Hryciuk, copyright © 2003 by Karen Sohne: by permission of the author.

"second wedding" from Pink Bulldozer, Spring Street Haiku Group, NYC, copyright © 1999 by Karen Sohne: by permission of the author.




first picnic
the drooling toddler
holds half a worm

         Carol Raisfeld


window shopping…
the toddler touches
all the merchandise

         Sanford M. Forrester


         her little foot
held out to tickle

         Bob Moyer


caught shoplifting—
crying, she beats her child
for wanting the toy

         Martin Shea


my parents
old love letters
not from each other

         Jörgen Johansson


first day of school
a teacher recognizes me
by my brother's walk

         Chad Robinson


mother and daughter
chess game
. . . two queens

         Carol Raisfeld


his mother-in-law swim
he hums the theme from "Jaws"

         Jesse McGowan


Aunt Millie's
hope chest—

         Alexis Rotella


last grandchild
asks if she remembers
the dinosaurs

         Dee Evetts


"caught shoplifting" from Modern Haiku Vol.4, # 3. copyright © 1973 by Martin Shea; by permission of the author.

"Aunt Millie's" from Looking for a Prince, White Peony Press, copyright © 1991 by Alexis Rotella: by permission of the author.

"last grandchild", from The Senryu Series, edited by Alan Pizzarelli, HC Newsletter, Vol. VII, No.2. copyright (c) 1992 by Dee Evetts: by permission of the author.




after the divorce
a miracle . . .
his hearing returns

         Carol Raisfeld


To the divorce court
she wears
her highest heels.

         Alexis Rotella


custody hearing
seeing his arms cross
i uncross mine

         Roberta Beary


driving home
with divorce papers -
green lights all the way

         Michael Meyerhofer


the chicken wringer's job
made easier

         Diana Pandolfo


no longer married
only their shadows touch
. . . graduation day

         Roberta Beary


lingerie drawer
after the divorce

         Deborah P Kolodji


she rides
the bicycle-built-for-two

         Francis Masat


"To the divorce court", from Looking For A Prince, White Peony Press, copyright © 1991 by Alexis Rotella: by permission of the author.

"custody hearing" and "no longer married" from A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku., Red Moon Press, copyright © 2001 by Roberta Beary: by permission of the author.

"lingerie drawer" from Go-Shichi-Go Column, Daily Yomiuri, August 10, 2004, copyright © 2004 by Deborah P Kolodji: by permission of the author.




meeting an old acquaintance,
in the freezing cold—
same old chatter.

         Lou Punster


Punctually at seven
on the stair over there
he takes a swig from a flask.

         Sasa Vazic


spurned by my friend
the amorous woman
turns to me

         Shane Bartlett


as he stokes the fire
from our guest's toupee

         Alan Pizzarelli


long-lost buddies—
the cop and the guy
who hit my car

         Kay McLain


After the neighbor
cuts down our hemlock,
I invite him in for tea.

         Alexis Rotella


burning leaves
the neighbor mentions
he's having an affair

         Ed Markowski


critiquing poems
the neighbor's jackass

         Anita Virgil


"After the neighbor" from Looking for a Prince, White Peony Press, copyright © 1991 by Alexis Rotella: by permission of the author.

"critiquing poems" from Senryu Series No. VI, edited by Alan Pizzarelli, Haiku Canada Newsletter, copyright © 1990 by Anita Virgil: by permission of the author.