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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Featured Poet: Patricia Neubauer

Patricia Neubauer graduated from Presbyterian Hospital-University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing during World War II. After the war, she left the nursing profession to go to art school and to raise two children. Her fine arts education, includes U. of Michigan, Tyler School of Fine Arts (Temple U.) and at the Barnes Foundation, where she lectured seminar classes and published 5 of her articles in the Journal of the Art. Liberal Arts also include U. of Pennsylvania, Princeton U. in addition to summer university course in Wales, Cambridge, and Grenoble, France.

As Artist, Patricia Neubauer paints in a Renaissance technique of oil and egg tempera on canvas or wood panel. "I am a representational painter I paint what is there while it is still there before the bulldozers lay waste, and builders erect shopping malls and housing developments." Her art has been exhibited at various art centers, colleges and Artists' Equity shows, including commercial galleries in New Jersey and Philadelphia. She has had several one person exhibits, the most recent at ETS in Princeton last March. Her art is represented in numerous private collections.

As Poet, Neubauer's senryu are representational of the human condition and share a poetic Renaissance style of her paintings. Her senryu poetry captures with poignant insight and depth, true-to-life experiences that range from the dark and haunting to the light-hearted and amusing. Her haiku, senryu, haibun, renga, essays and book reviews have been published in many of the Haiku magazines in America, Canada, Japan as well as periodicals of Slovenia, Croatia, Yugodlavia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Her work is also included in the third edition of The Haiku Anthology, edited by Cor van den Heuvel, (W.W. Norton, 1999) and Haiku Moment, edited by Bruce Ross (Tuttle, 1993). She has written several books, including Foxes in the Garden and Other Prose Pieces, A Lantern Paperback, 1993 and Museum Pieces, tribe press, Pinch Book Series No.3, 2004, editor: vincent tripi.

"The most I can say about my success in life," she writes, "to paraphrase Logan Pearsall Smith: All these years I have eaten and escaped being eaten. What more can one ask of the gods?"




children's tadpole sale—
an extra charge for the one
with two legs


pulling down their pants
two four-year-olds check out
the difference


enchanted child
standing on one leg
contemplates the storks


doll hospital—
the man brings out a tray
of new blue eyes


package designer
new frustrations


to our snow lady
he tips his hat


city dwellers
their autumn harvested
from supermarkets


last performance
the puppet master's sadness
slips down the strings


the old master died:
the antique dealer takes in
his orphaned puppets


leaving the theatre
the sugar plum fairy
just a pale, thin girl



"enchanted child" from Frogpond Vol. XIII No.2, copyright 1990 by Patricia Neubauer; "doll hospital" from The Haiku Hundred, Iron Press, (GB), Cobb, Kirkup, Mortimor, editors, copyright 1992 by Patrician Neubauer; "last performance" from Modern Haiku XXVII -3. copyright 1996 by Patricia Neubauer; "leaving the theater" from Brussels Sprout, copyright 1992 by Patricia Neubauer: by permission of the author.


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at xmas it snowed

house on the bay

walk in the woods

Princeton u. campus

Paintings: At xmas it snowed, house on the bay, walk in the woods and Princeton u. campus by Patricia Neubauer: by permission of the artist. All rights reserved. The drawing and paintings in this Featured Poet page are copyrighted by Patricia Neubauer and are not to be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Patricia Neubauer.