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Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


Melissa Dixon

in a distant field
the fragment of a rainbow
such a small promise
yet on this autumn day
I feel a touch of spring


in my palm a rosy stone
wet-scented by the sea
how right I was
to catch a train and leave
the plains behind...


long distance
my sister and I recall
our green years–
aged two and three, hand in hand
up and down our front steps

-- -- from TSA Newsletter, VOL. IV, NO. I, "The Tanka Café", March, 2003


guitar solo
I recall that first night
you played for me...
head sideways, long fingers
gently stroking songs of love


Mount Baker
rising high beyond the sea–
as the tide glides back
I watch my white rose float away
with a poem for a sail


Melissa Dixon spent her working years as an actor who "sang a little". Along the way, she wrote the words and music for a number of songs which have been performed on radio, television and for Industrial Stage Shows traveling across Canada. While not a trained dancer, when the music plays she yearns to move with it. Melissa now enjoys writing poetry at her island home in Victoria, British Columbia.