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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Carrie does haiga in a number of different media and techniques such as sumi-e, watercolor, digital photo, woodcuts, and pastels. "The circle I use in these haiga is important to me as a spiritual symbol of wholeness."

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CarrieAnn Thunell ~


CarrieAnn Thunell CarrieAnn Thunell (CAT) was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She is a freelance artist, avid backcountry camper, photographer, columnist, and poet who currently writes for SP Quill and White Lotus. She is a member of Olympia Poetry Network, the Washington Poet's Association, Poets Against The War, Haiku Canada, and the Haiku Society of America. Her work has appeared in Amaze, (The) Aurorean, Beginnings, Bible Advocate, Black Widow's Web, Blind Man's Rainbow, Blue Collar Review, bottle rockets, Candelabrum (England), Curbside Review, First Time, Flesh From Ashes, Freefall, Free expressions (Australia), Frogpond, Haigaonline, Haiku Canada, Heron's Nest, Hidden Oak, Hummingbird, Joel's House, Kokako (New Zealand), The Lyric, Mayfly, Midwest Book Review, Mindprints, Mobius, Modern Haiku, Moonset, Neovictorian Cochlea, Nisqually Delta Review, Paper Wasp (Australia), Parnasus, Pegasus, Penwood Review, Percival Review, Poetic Hours (England), Point and Circumference, Presence (England), Red Lights, Ribbons, Silver Wings, Storyteller, Skyline, SP Quill, The Hypertexts, Thorny Locust, Time Of Singing, and Write On. You can see some of her work on her website:


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