Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Kriti Bajaj


A silver arrow released
From the bow of God.
split into a
seven-hued scarf
Rain falls on roof-tops
Showering blessings
on a still-sleeping world.
  Conical, tall
Holding out their slender arms
To a silver sky.
Flying to their nest
A flock of black against the
Painted horizon.
  Her gown
covers the sky,
then lifts to reveal stars.

Kriti Bajaj is a 16-year-old girl, a junior at Delhi Public School, RK Puram, India. She has a passion for beauty in all its forms, be it visual, music, or literary. She likes writing as a hobby, "basically because it helps me express my feelings."

Her other interests include travelling, reading, playing the violin, exploring cultures.