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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Gabi Greve


chie mo nashi mu-chie mo nashi ya mushi no aki

知恵もなし 無知恵もなしや 虫の秋

the wisdom
of NO-wisdom . . .
autumn of the insects

die Weisheit
der NICHT-Weisheit -
Herbst der Insekten
  hatsuyuki ya takuhatsuzoo no ashi akaku

初雪や 托鉢僧の 足赤く

first snow -
the feet of the begging monk
all red

Erster Schnee!
Der Bettelmönch hat
ganz rote Füße!
taki nagaki miageru ware no takasa to wa

滝長き 見上げる我の 高さとは

long waterfall -
looking up at you,
how tall am I ?
  shizukesa no oto made kiku no Zen no niwa

静けさの 音まで聞くの 禅の庭

I can even hear
the sound of quietness -
Zen garden

Ich höre sogar die Laute der Stille - Zentempelgarten
mijikaki yo me o tojite koso hito mieshi

短き夜 目を閉じてこそ 人見えし

short night -
just closing my eyes helps
me to see people

kurze Nacht -
erst mit geschlossenen Augen
sehe ich die Menschen

Gabi Greve Gabi Greve, born in Germany in 1948, medical doctor at Heidelberg University, has been living in Japan since 1977 as a freelance translator and writer about Buddhist Art, her second speciality. She and her husband live in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

To improve her understanding of Japanese language and culture, Gabi started to study haiku in Kamakura about 15 years ago. She joined the WHC in January 2004 and now tries to make use of her knowledge about kigo in the World Kigo Database.

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