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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Carole MacRury


late summer . . .
a moth settles on the eye
of a Gerber daisy
  overcast night . . .
the next door pianist
hits a sour note
late summer . . .
the pond koi jostle
for space
  dockside . . .
the heron's beak scatters
the herring ball
midnight barking . . .
a flush of starlings
from the foliage

Carole MacRury Canadian by birth, Carole MacRury lives with her husband on a small Washington peninsula bordering Canada. The Pacific Northwest has been a big source of inspiration for her poetry and photography. She enjoys boating and hiking in the San Juan Islands and bird watching in the nearby delta lands. Her poetry and photography have been published in various online haiku and haiga journals and her haiku and tanka can be found in both North American journals and international anthololgies. She is also a featured reader for co-op radio in Vancouver.