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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Francis Masat


over the sound
-- no sound
  I untie the boat
between rising swells --
full moon night
quiet cove
dolphins leave
with my thoughts
  moonlit water --
the shrimper
nets a starfish
I avoid her stare --
a mockingbird flits with ease
thru a thorny bush

Francis Masat Francis Masat moved to Key West,
Florida, after 35 years as a university professor in the Midwest and
New Jersey. He now enjoys living, volunteering, and writing in a
tropical setting.

His older work appears in Avant, Instructor, Liberal Education,
Mathematics Magazine, Pony Tracks and Buffalo Trails, and The Pentagon.

Recent work, which reflects his Midwest roots, some new directions, and
the tropics, has been accepted by Amaze, Artistry in Poetry, bottle
, Frog Pond, Haiku Harvest, Haiku Spirit, Heron's Nest, Illinois
, Life in Alaska, Lynx, Mayfly, Modern Haiku, Muse, Apprentice
, Paper Wasp, Poetry Midwest, Prairie Poetry, Short Stuff, Solares
, Tiny Words, and others.