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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Stuart Van Hoozer


in a dewdrop
in a morning web
the moon
  new jail . . .
a mockingbird flies
from razor wire
spring cleaning . . .
no place to store
so much of me
unfolds -
origami day
a fat green frog
in a cloud of mosquitoes

Stuart Van Hoozer Stuart Van Hoozer* is a retired land surveyor, nurseryman, restauranteur, and has had assorted other professions. He is a native Mississippian (USA) but he was raised and educated (mostly) in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Except for a few years in California, he has lived in the South his entire life. He wrote his first haiku in 1960 as a writing exercise, but there was little known of the form at the time. He and his writing friends soon deserted and went back to more conventional Western forms. He is now homebound to a great degree, attached to the world by a small plastic tube supplying oxygen to his tobacco diminished lungs. He started writing haiku again just a few years ago but he has made no attempt to publish until now.

[*Stuart Van Hoozer passed away a few days ago. The Staff of Simply Haiku wish to express their sympathy to his family. He will be missed in the haiku community. Robert Wilson, Editor.]

Since the writing of this biography, my father, Stuart Van Hoozer, passed away on Friday, February 3, 2006. A loving father, friend and writer, his legacy will continue on in his poetry. His haiku was exceptional and we are delighted to provide it for your enjoyment.

Trish VanHoozer