Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli

Holidays & Observances

New Year's
recycling last year's

Tom Clausen


the VD clinic —
waiting for blood test results
I write Valentines

Mykel Board


Paddy's Parade: I
draw a shamrock in Guinness,
watch it through the glass

Kevin Doran


       Mother's day
my sister brings a plant
       bigger than mine

Brian Tasker


on Father's Day
his first hollyhock

Arlene Teck


memorial day
dad spit shines the shoe
for his wooden leg

Ed Markowski


Fourth of July —
he admits
he had a fling.

Alexis Rotella


Halloween —
the gothic teenager
doesn't wonder what to wear

Ted Heavens


armistice day
    searching in vain
       for old mates

Ernest Berry


Thanksgiving alone
a turkey pot pie
in the microwave

Chad Robinson


Thanksgiving Day
a little more stuffing
poking out of the sofa

Christopher Herold


No Christmas cards
above the fireplace
in the mailman's den

Garry Gay


Santa's lap   everyone else's kids then me

Chad Robinson


ah! a white christmas
all over
the tv screen

Anita Virgil


not even drunk on new year's
regretting this too

Karen Sohne


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"not even drunk on new years" from Haiku World, an International Poetry Almanac, William J. Higginson, 1996, Kodansha, copyright 1996 by Karen Sohne; by permission of the author.


Pictures of Life


"Let's take our picture!"
    she says every time,
the one who's photogenic.

Anita Virgil


by the boiling lake
the tourist snaps a picture
of his wife

Mykel Board


from her trip home
so many photographs
of graveyards

Karen Sohne


childhood home
someone else's mother
on the mantelpiece

Ernest Berry


fingers poke through a fence
a face seeks mom near tears
kindergarten begins

Ross J. Peterson


tightrope walker
 even her smile

Steve Dolphy


allthecoversonyoursideof                      the bed

Carlos Colón


morning ferry
the wild-haired woman
ssstifles a yawnnn

Carol Raisfeld


Sunday school —
!*U*! doodling
in the margins

Carol Raisfeld


ab workout --
the word flat

Carol Raisfeld


   her choice

 sex or church

bells bells bells



LeRoy Gorman


Barrel of Fun

                 Alan Pizzarelli


"Let's take our picture!" from One Potato Two Potato etc, Peaks Press, copyright 1991 by Anita Virgil; by permission of the author.

"childhood home" from "3rd in tallahassee contest 1999", copyright 1999 by Ernest Berry; by permission of the author.

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"barrel of fun", from Amusement Park, Islet books, copyright 1990 by Alan Pizzarelli; by permission of the author.


Senryu on a Pun


country marriage . . .
the mourning after
the knot before

Michael McClintock


a cow
jumps over the fence
utter destruction

Alan Pizzarelli


european vacation —
returning home tired
and baroque

Carol Raisfeld


California friends —
here today
gone today.

Alexis Rotella


Muscle beach:
showing off their six packs —
I drink mine

Jesse McGowen


Grand Central restroom
men leaving
in a steady stream

Mykel Board


Post Office line:
everyone itching
to go postal.

Judy Kamilhor


reminder note —
to drop her pants
at the cleaners

Carol Raisfeld


seeing her first strands
of gray hair,
the actress thought she'd dye

Michael McClintock


turning around
the stripper reveals
her best asset

Lou Punster


the short fortune-teller
escapes! —
small medium at large

Michael McClintock


magicians' parking lot
**no trespassing!**
violators will be toad

Carol Raisfeld


used to work
in a blanket factory
but it folded

Michael McClintock


reading by the fire
he dozes
... and sleeps like a log

Carol Raisfeld


sleeping all night
on corduroy pillows
morning headlines

Michael McClintock


writer's block
the silence
between cellmates

Chad Robinson


the electrician
as usual, talking about
current events

Carol Raisfeld


at the acupuncturist
--- a jab

Michael McClintock


early morning
heard across the pond,
"SHUT the DUCK up!"

Carol Raisfeld


"a cow" from Senryu Magazine, River Willow Publishers, copyright 2001 by Alan Pizzarelli.

"California friends", from Modern Haiku 30, no.2, copyright 1999 by Alexis Rotella; by permission of the author.