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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Featured Poet: Ed Markowski

Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Ed Markowski graduated from Oakland University with a B.A. in English. He attended The Naropa Institute ( The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics) in 1977, where he studied in classes under the tutelage of Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and William Burroughs.

Since 1980, Markowski has been a mental health counselor for St. Josephs Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. His other "field experience" includes steel worker, cement finisher, produce market manager, auto worker and cemetery plot salesman. In 1994 he began writing regularly for Fan Magazine.

His poetry, short fiction and other writings have been published in City Magazine, Acorn, bottle rockets, Bear Creek Haiku, The Elysian Fields Quarterly, Full Moon Haiku, Haiku Harvest, Heron's Nest, Parnassus Literary Review, Raw Nervz , The River Rouge Examiner, Red Moon Anthologies 2,3 & 4, Line Drives, 100 Contemporary Baseball Poems (Southern Illinois University Press) and Smoke Box Magazine among others.

Regarding his poetry he states: "If a poem works for one person. If it causes someone to smile, or think, or weep, well then I think I've done my job."

Ed Markowski currently resides in Auburn Hills, Michigan with his wife Laurie, daughter Becky and one wonderful grandson, Matthew.




new year's day
        like every other
                we punch the clock


tax day
the soda machine
keeps my change


      shifting as he shouts
the faith healer's


art class
the nude's stoic pose
the student's trembling hand


team reunion...
trying to recall
the catcher's face


post game interview
the space between
the goalies tee th


mediation day
      the mediator's hair
             parted down the middle


two toys down his list
santa's eyes scan
the young boy's mother


christmas eve
i give the mall santa
a jump


toy instructions
i come



"post game interview", from Paw print series # 78, November '04 / Leroy Gorman / Nappanee, Ont., copyright 2004 by Ed Markowski; by permission of the author. "Christmas eve", from haiku harvest, copyright 2005 by Ed Markowski; by permission of the author.