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Contents: Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2

Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson [bio] [ email]

Editor's Introduction

Introducing Denis Garrison

Rositza Pironska, Featured Poet

Yvonne Cabalona

Moira Clark

Pete Lee

Eric Lehman

Ed Markowski

Edin Saracevic

Valerie Savior

Adelaide B. Shaw

Sandra Simpson

Mark Smith

Mark Teaford

CarrieAnn Thunell

Editor ~ Al Pizzarelli  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Senryu - Things
Carol Raisfeld, Featured Poet

Editor ~ Michael McClintock [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Dave Bacharach
Beth L. Block
Janet Brof
Randy M. Brooks
Ana Cagnoni
Denis M. Garrison
M. Kei
Deborah P. Kolodji
Kala Ramesh
Jari Thymian

Renku: Collaborative Linked Verse
Editor ~ John Carley [bio] [email]
Introduction to Renku

Renku Editor's Notes

    ~ John Barlow, Colin Blundell, Doreen King, Martin Lucas, David Platt, Helen Robinson
  Natural Light
    ~ Doreen King, Frank Williams
  No Single Star
    ~ Keith J. Coleman, Takenoko, Matthew Paul, Stuart Quine, Fred Schofield, Joan Sheridan-Smith; Basho translation: John E. Carley (sabaki)
  Zwischen Kornraden (German)
  Between Corn Cockles (English)
    ~ Gerd Börner, Volker Friebel, Arno Herrmann, Dietmar Tauchner, Udo Wenzel, Angelika Wienert
  The Hawk's Grand Swoop
  Hawk Schematic
    ~ Kala Ramesh - Pune, India
Yajushi - Hyderabad, India
Norman Darlington - Bunclody, Ireland (lead poet)

Announcements & Contributors
Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld [bio] [email]
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Features: Interviews & Essays
About the Features Section
Steven D. Carter:
  Interview by Robert D. Wilson
Tanka by Kisaburo Konoshima:
  Newly translated by David Callner
Paul Rouzer, University of Minnesota:
  A Dream of Ruined Walls
  Zen Poetics of Ryokan
Richard Gilbert, Yūki Ito, Tomoko Murase, Ayaka Nishikawa and Tomoko Takaki:
  The Season of 'No-Season' in Contemporary Haiku: The Modern Haiku Association Muki-Kigo Saijiki



Linda Papanicolaou:
  a Graphic Haibun *sequence

Tracks in the Sand
Columnist ~ George Swede [bio] [email]
Tracks in the Sand

Haiku in Context
Columnist ~ Robin D. Gill  [bio] [email]
Haiku in Context

Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson  [bio] [email]

Editor's Welcome

Bill Owen, Featured Poet

Angelo B. Ancheta

Ferenc Bakos

Roberta Beary

Chris Bullock

Michael S. James

Ed Markowski

Zane Parks

Richard R. Powell

Andrew Riutta

Modern Haiga
Editor ~ Jerry Dreesen [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Aurora Antonovic and Jason Sanford Brown
Shanna Baldwin Moore
Geoff Sanderson

Traditional Haiga
Editor ~ Jerry Dreesen [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Bette Norcross Wappner

About the Reviews Section
Robert D. Wilson:
  Just Living: Poems and Prose by
The Japanese Monk Tonna
, Edited and Translated by Steven D. Carter
  A Waka Anthology
Volume Two: Grasses of Remembrance
, Translated with a commentary and notes by
Edwin A. Cranston
  Shadows Bloom: Scathanna Faoi Bhlath, By John Sexton
  As Things Are:
Tanka Poetry by Kawano Yuko
Translated by Amelia Fielden
and Uzawa Kozue
Linda Papanicolaou:
  Muddy Shoes Candy Heart, by Saša Važić
Edited by Anita Virgil

About the Reprints Section
The Formation of Allusive Resilience in Waka and Its Relevance to Meiji Shintaishi by Dean A. Brink, Saint Martin's University
Kidong Kang: The Haiku Autobiography of a Korean Japanese by Ikuyo Yoshimura



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