Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Winter 2006, vol 4 no 4


Lynne Rees


Each drawer slides out in silence. First the gradations of white – snow, ivory, pearl – then the browns, greens, shades of fleck, all arranged on sheepskin, named, dated, and geographically placed in a fading scrawl. Clutches of plover, ptarmigan, shrike, and here, a golden eagle's non-identical twins – feather-weights in my hands, no albumen or yolk, just cradles of air with tiny man-made holes. While around the room a weight of books: engraved and coloured plates, breeding times, conception, birth, flight. The histories of lives they never lived.

the room darkens
a scuttle of sparrows
in the eaves

Lynne Rees was born and grew up in South Wales and now lives in Kent, England, UK. She's the author of a novel, The Oven House (2004); a collection of poetry, Learning How to Fall (2005); and co-author of a volume of short prose, Messages (2006). Her interest in haiku and related forms began earlier this year after taking part in a ginko during a writer's exchange in Ireland. Since then her work has been accepted/published by Roadrunner, Haiku Harvest, Modern English Tanka, Frogpond, and Presence (UK).