Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Winter 2006, vol 4 no 4


Dave Russo


   sweaty flea market
a pit bull nuzzles
   the finger puppets
  a duck's wake in blown pollen dad's voice weaker
   reading haiku
to the ducks     they upend
   for snails
     dirt road moon
frogs we gigged
   heavy in the bag
   tiger, sulfur, sphinx . . .
gray cocoons
   labeled on a branch

Dave Russo Dave Russo has been writing haiku for about nine years and has been published in various haiku journals. He organizes the monthly workshops for the North Carolina Haiku Society, and he maintains their website ( Dave, Lenard D. Moore, and Bob Moyer are the local organizers for Haiku North America 2007 ( which will be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.