Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Winter 2006, vol 4 no 4


Jack Prewitt

a lightning strike
illuminates the world…
I return
from a long journey
before the thunder claps


day lilies
emphatically dead
but upright
   propriety requires
   they be cut down


like stage curtains,
parting clouds uncover
the moon
not unlike the magic
when you enter my room


a blouse
of rippling red silk
in the front pew–
my wife turns my hymnal
the right way up


trailing its legs
the great white heron
leaves the lagoon
an emptiness as tangible
as the rock in my stomach


orange pickers
line the roadside fence
in torrid heat
a gangly boy is carrying
his dead dog home


on the mudflat
eastern curlews gather
for migration
this year you won't know
which day they leave


summer grass–
scattering her ashes
on his grave…
and as she would want it
some for their neighbours


take this toad
my gift of strangeness
for you
in a world everybody
wants to explain away


faded photo
of an old flame–
I hesitate
between garbage
and recycling bins


dawn dewdrops
sparkling on the grass…
how must it feel
to be small, inquisitive
and dressed in a red jumpsuit


Jack Prewitt is an itinerant Australian poet, with a home base in Sydney. He has written many tanka. A few have been published in Ribbons, Tanka Splendor, Tanka Calendar and elsewhere.