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Spring 2007, vol 5 no 1


Sharon Trevelyan Dean


I loved the camping holidays of my childhood. We'd chuck our tent in the back of the car and head out into the bush with six or seven other families. Us kids were mates; there was always someone to run around and play with.

Not far from our Easter campsite was an enormous underground pipe. Our voices ricocheted from its cold concrete walls, light from our torches spilling across rank-smelling puddles. Our own secret world. Laughter in the dark.

a black bird darts
into the pool of light


Sharon Trevelyan Dean Sharon Trevelyan Dean lives with her sons and husband on the far north coast of NSW, Australia, where they run Willowbank Studio, a printmaking/art therapy space. Sharon's haiku, haibun and related articles have appeared in Yellow Moon, Stylus Poetry Journal, Famous Reporter, Haiku Dreaming Australia, Senryu Dreaming Australia and The World Haiku Review.