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Spring 2007, vol 5 no 1


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Arthur Giacalone and David Giacalone ~ haiga


Arthur Giacalone Arthur Giacalone has been practicing law and tilting-at-windmills in upstate New York for more than three decades. While the joys and challenges of middle-aged fatherhood have reduced the opportunities he has to photograph nature's beauty, collaborating with his identical twin for this project has reawakened his desire to peer through a camera lens at something other than his adorable children.

David Giacalone David Giacalone is a former lawyer and mediator, living along the Mohawk River, in Schenectady, NY's Historic Stockade District. His weblog, f/k/a, mixes haiku by established poets (and himself) with punditry aimed at an audience composed primarily of lawyers. David started writing haiku circa 2003, and they began appearing in various haiku journals in 2005. In the Fall of 2006, he began working on haiga with his twin brother Arthur, who supplies the photography. So far, David has found this first joint-venture since their single-zygote days enjoyable and inspiring.

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