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Spring 2007, vol 5 no 1


Susan Delphine Delaney

under the live oak
dappled moonlight
and yesterday's warm air
slipping the ribbon
from your love letters


he cannot see
the light
around my shadow
a gust of wind
reverses the stream's flow


at the wind turbine
the spiral staircase
awaits the tread
of the windmaster


autumn afternoon
standing beneath
the glowing yellow hickory
my whole body answers
'yes, I like butter!'


google search
for a long lost love
after forty years
still carrying
the torch


hiking up the mountain
we keep silence
each pretending to pray
until we turn back
and find the breath for talk


she wipes the lips
of her birthmother
then feeds her
another spoon of pudding


moaning in the wind
the pine
with four strands
of barbed wire
grown into its heartwood


first kiss
racing towards us
a stripe of sunlight
a butterfly


face aglow
the old monk
to gather roses
for the virgin's feast


Susan Delphine Delaney Susan Delphine Delaney, MD, MS, is a psychiatrist living in Plano, Texas. She has a private practice in Plano, where she is assisted by her therapy dog, Laura. Susan also works with homeless mentally ill persons in Dallas two days a week. Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications devoted to haiku and tanka, and most recently in the anthology edited by M. Kei, Firepearls: Masterpieces of the Human Heart (2006).