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Spring 2007, vol 5 no 1


Melissa Dixon

waking early
through my window I see
snow on blossoms
watching it melt
drop by drop

--from TheTanka Café, Tanka Society Newsletter, Vol. V. No. 1, March 2004


yes--if you hadn't
goaded me I wouldn't
have written this poem
red blood is flowing
through my green-ink pen


who can resist the pure allure
of a High Romance
but . . . together-all-the-time?
red lights flash
and my hair stands on end

--from red lights, Vol. 2, No. 1, January 2006


summer cabin--
the black pup abandoned
by the roadside
eats himself
into our family


rescuing a ladybug
from a dust bunny
I berate myself
for putting poetry
ahead of housework


a bumblebee
bangs head-first against
my picture window--
some days I feel like
trying it myself


lowest tide--I walk dune
after dune to reach waves--
looking back ashore
it comes to me--the utter
isolation of an island


the way the moon rose
the way the sea moaned
the way I hung my heart
around your throat--long ago
but sometimes stirring in me still

-- from Moonset, journal 2, issue 2, autumn, 2006


Melissa Dixon Melissa Dixon discovered the joys of Asian poetry some fifteen years ago--moving from haiku to tanka and later haibun--but tanka is her clear favorite. She writes that she "loves its openness to all avenues of expression--always with the challenge to light up the lines while fitting the words seamlessly within their required structure."

Melissa recently published her first book of poetry, Slow Spring Water. She lives near the ocean in Victoria, BC, Canada.