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Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


The Stickleback
Francis W. Alexander


Shortly before bedtime Grandma shows me a letter and newspaper article she received from Uncle Billy, a submariner. In the article is a picture of the submarine USS Stickleback lying on its side after a collision with the destroyer Silverstein.

I read part of Uncle Billy's letter aloud, "Our sub had lost power and we were sinking to dangerous depths. We worked frantically to get the ship to surface. We succeeded in surfacing only to be accidentally rammed by the Silverstein. To keep the Stickleback afloat, the Silverstein remained stuck in our sub. Miraculously, no lives were lost. The diamond earrings I bought for you in Tahiti were destroyed."

Bath time--
dipping the toy submarine
under the suds

Francis Wesley Alexander has been a haijin for 20 years. He has works scheduled for Haiku Almanach (RUS) and Contemporary Haibun. The Sandusky, Ohio native's haiku have been published in Albatros (Rum), Black Bear Review, Brussels Sprout, Dragonfly, Famous Reporter (TAS), Frogpond, Haiku Quarterly, Hobo (AU), Japanophile, Ko (Japan), Mainichi Daily News (Japan), Modern Haiku, New Cicada (Japan), Piedmont Literary Review, Psyhopoetica (ENG), Red Pagoda, Valley Voices, Heron's Nest, TreeTops, and others. He also has works in the Silver Thread Anthology, Contemporary Haibun 7, and Taboo Haiku.