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Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


Home Again
Sharon Trevelyan Dean


after a three-day university conference in the city. To celebrate, I walk all the way to our top paddock and squat to pee. The puddle spreads over the hard earth between my feet. It catches the sun and sends a gash of fire into my eyes – oh beauty! oh beauty! in a puddle of pee in a winter paddock! Will I ever be as captivated as this when I'm sitting at a table of academics competing to be the loudest, the most adorable, oh hey hallelujah the most mind-riveting absolution of right? I watch the wind pummel the tops of the gum trees as I pull my jeans back up.

chook house brawl
the rooster struts
his plumage

Note: 'chook' is an Australian word for 'chicken'.

Sharon Trevelyan Dean Sharon Trevelyan Dean lives with her sons and husband on the far north coast of NSW, Australia, where they run Willowbank Studio, a printmaking/art therapy space. Sharon's haiku, haibun and related articles have appeared in Yellow Moon, Stylus Poetry Journal, Famous Reporter, Haiku Dreaming Australia, Senryu Dreaming Australia and The World Haiku Review.